PhpAdsNew integration

This small WordPress plugin lets you embed banners into your templates.

A local installation of PhpAdsNew adserver is required, because this plugin is needed only if ads are managed with php inclusions. If your adserver is outside your machine the best try is always javascript.

To embed the banner, put the following code into your templates:


The function accepts two arguments, the first is mandatory area id integer number.

The second argument is the optional target of link. If you want to open a new window you probably add _blank as string.


  1. Download the plugin and edit the path to your PhpAdsNew installation directory (without final slash)
  2. Upload it into your wordpress plugins directory
  3. Edit your templates

Download PhpAdsNew wordpress plugin

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Probably I get something

Probably I get something wrong but: phpadsnew integration works just fine without the help of 3rd party plugins. But nevertheless I have yours installed too: nothing shows up.
Question: What do you mean with ‘mandatory area id integer number’ ?

The "area id" integer is the

The «area id» integer is the reference of the banner area phpAdsNew should grab the banner from.

You can find the number in your phpAdsNew web interface.

Each area has an unique id. So if you want to display 2 or more areas in the same page, you must insert the plugin’s code twice or more, editing the correct area id.

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Hi! I did the installation

I did the installation of PhpAdsNew adserver - everything was fine. And I put the clients/banners how they say to do. After that I installed you plugin by wp - ok, no error messages. So I put the code «» (the 1 is the id of my first banner) in the ‘Main Index Template’ before the footer and… nothing happened! What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance!

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PhpAdsNew changed only its

PhpAdsNew changed only its name. It works as the same of before. There isn’t any demo for now. Sorry.

can you make it work with

can you make it work with zones instead of w/ specific banner ids?

it’s silly to have to change the wordpress template every time you add a new banner to openads, especially when the whole point of openads is to be able to manage ad zones w/o messing around with code.

i tried modifying the script myself to handle zones but it broke.

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