Bloggersnap is yet another useless gadget for bloggers: it lets your visitors take a snapshot live with their webcam and publish it instantly into your blog pages.

Original Bloggersnap service let you embed the image into a unfriendly iframe. So I’ve just written this small plugin in a rush to embed this service into your weblog, without iframes.

This script is licensed under GPL (or I should choose the LGPL? You see a Flash movie to take snapshots).


  1. Download Bloggersnap Wordpress Plugin
  2. Unpack into your plugins directory
  3. Register an account at if not yet registered
  4. Enable it into your plugins list page
  5. Visit the Bloggersnap options page (menu is in the plugins page) and fill the form with your username code identification
  6. Edit your theme’s sidebar (wp-content/themes/yourtheme/sidebar.php) and add the wp_bloggersnap() function code


There isn’t any straight notice about making a link to bloggersnap website, so I didn’t, but you see, while you’re taking the snapshot a link to the service’s website appears into the tiny flash interface.

To embed your visitor’s snapshot you must use the following code in the sidebar:


If you don’t pass any argument to the function above, you’ll get the default output:

<img src="..........." />

To show custom html code, you can pass for example:

wp_bloggersnap('','Take a shot!',' ');

What’s missing

Plugin is missing of gallery support, if you want it I could code for free. Just offer me a payed subscription to Bloggersnap so I can debug ghgh: .

Wordpress Widget support is missing, I don’t like widgets. So if you want some and you can code php, send it to me I’ll join your work into sources under the GPL .


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