Bloggersnap is yet another useless gadget for bloggers: it lets your visitors take a snapshot live with their webcam and publish it instantly into your blog pages.

Original Bloggersnap service let you embed the image into a unfriendly iframe. So I’ve just written this small plugin in a rush to embed this service into your weblog, without iframes.

This script is licensed under GPL (or I should choose the LGPL? You see a Flash movie to take snapshots).

Tradedoubler filter


This plugin simply filters words of your choice with links. Initially I’ve called the plugin Tradedoubler filter, because I wanted catch all words i said about MacBook, iPod, and Ebay trasforming into payed links to Tradedoubler account.

But just after some rows of code, I added my girlfriend’s url and some friend’s url, to get linked only by naming they in articles and pages.




Welcome at the Spreadshop WordPress plugin’s home page.

Here you can get lastest version of that plugin.

If you would see a demo, try my shop.

Spreadshirt is a online gadget service. You can easily sell online your personal t-shirts and gadgets with a pretty handy Macromedia Flash interface.

Items quality seem excelent but prices aren’t cheapest, if you’re in a hurry you can start selling gadgets online and gain some € or $ .


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